„An exceptional achievement with long resonance.“
FBW Filmbewertungsstelle/ Puppenspiel

Beyond being a good laugh – the film has depth.
Director Philipp Stoelzl („The Physician“, „Erased“)

This film is a masterful portrayal of the effects of child abuse on a person.
The cinematography is stunning. „Puppenspiel“ is a heavy and meaningful triumph.
Jury of ECÚ European Independent Film Festival Paris 2011

It is the fulfilment of the premise of a short film. It is a sketch. Thrown lightly and airily. A pleasure. You enjoy the ironic staging, laugh at the punch line and take home something to think about…
Director Philipp Stoelzl („The Physician“, „Erased“)

It is a „petitesse“ – a charming, intelligent, wonderfully made little something.
Philipp Stoelzl

The film does not engage in a striking story, clichés or simple solutions. Instead, with its ambivalence and implication it offers plenty of (emotional) toeholds for discussion…
FBW Filmbewertungsstelle

Precise but not voyeuristic… takes the viewer to the emotional level of a traumatized person and does not let them go…
Mag. Tanja Guserl

The atmospheric link between two stories fuels the insecurity. Is it reality, the past or just the imagination? This skillfully created state of insecurity is symbolic for the often strong insecurities of an abused child.
Mag. Tanja Guserl

„The bare minimalistic discourse about a socially taboo topic“ as an exceptional film offering… Images and text harmonized wonderfully.
Jury of Karl-Buchrucker-Prize

„The Time Between“ is able to lightly balance a deadly-serious topic by means of precise interaction between screenplay and camera direction.
Honoric Speech, Prof. Haberer


Currently, I’m working on two major projects, both long feature films. I will tell more about them soon.
I adapted the screenplay on a novel which I deeply love. The other film is based and one a true story that hits the nerve of our time. The short film „No guaranty“ is finally in postproduction.

Best of luck and take care!