Susanne Kellermann


„As a director of photography I was fully conscious of my skills in composition, light, color, time management and team guidance. I really liked assuming the responsibility of a DP and being the one to bring everything together before shooting. However, my real driving force has always been my intense feeling for the screenplay and a deep empathy for the actors.

I wanted to find out what acting means, what an actor has to deal with and how I could actually support an actor, so I studied acting in Vienna. Besides learning and finding out the things I wanted to know about acting, I truly enjoyed enriching myself with new content, transforming into other characters, and acting on stage and on camera.

Ultimately, the craft of cinematography and acting melded with my deep desire to tell stories the way I wanted. I felt that I finally had the tools to do it. That is why I became a director.”

Susanne Kellermann,
short CV (PDF Download)

Awards / Festivals
Susanne Kellermann

„Puppenspiel“ (Director, Producer, Cinematographer)
Prädikat “Besonders Wertvoll”

“Best Director” ECÚ European Independent Film Festival Paris

“Royal Reel Award” Canada International Film Festival

Official Selection Naperville Film Festival

Official Selection New York Bronx International Film Festival

Official Selection Taeneck Hoboken International Film Festival

Official Selection Seoul International Youth Film Festival

Bucharest, Romania, at an event ÉCU is organizing together with
East European Film Alliance – a retrospective from the past 6 years.

OPEN CINEMA- International Short and Animation Film Festival,
taking place in St.Petersburg, Russia from August 20-28th

Lucca Film Festival

Festival Internacional De Cine Independiente De Villa De Leyva

Euro Film Festival, taking place 23-26 November in Marbella Spain

The Teen International Shorts Festival in Istanbul

First International Short Film Festival (Fools’ Paradise), Chandigarh, India

International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh (January 21 to 27, 2012)

„Die Zeit Dazwischen“ (Produktion | Regie | Kamera)
Prädikat „Besonders Wertvoll”

Film des Monats Oktober 2011 der FBW

Karl-Buchrucker-Preis 2012 Hauptpreis der Jury
ARD Themenwoche plus ihre Dritten Programme

„Drunter sind wir alle nackt“ (Produktion I Schauspiel)

Prix 2nd Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest 2007

Philipp Stölzl Spezialpreis Ursty

Salzburg Media Art Filmpreis

1. Preis Junges Kino Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2008
gesendet auf ARTE, BR, Kanal +, RAI